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Affiliate Programs You Can Believe In

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Maestro Classics on Affiliatron
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Maestro Classics

Maestro Classics is dedicated to sharing classical music with children and adults, through entertainment and education.

HookSounds on Affiliatron
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HookSounds is a curated collection of royalty-free and copyright-free music. They offer full versions as well as loops and instrumental-only versions of their tracks.

SameDayMusic on Affiliatron
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SameDayMusic sells musical instruments and gear with exceptional shipping speed.

ArtistWorks on Affiliatron
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ArtistWorks provides online music lessons for over 40 different instruments. Subscribers will get access to hundreds of video lessons taught by master musicians.

World Music Supply on Affiliatron
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World Music Supply

World Music Supply, the "Musical Warehouse to the World", is an online store for guitars, drums, studio gear, and other musical instruments and equipment.

eMedia Music on Affiliatron
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eMedia Music

eMedia Music provided lessons for voice, guitar, bass, piano, and violin, from beginners to intermediate.

The Music Stand on Affiliatron
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The Music Stand

The Music Stand is music gifts retailer that sells music-related clothing, decor, and accessories.

Thalia Capos on Affiliatron
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Thalia Capos

Thalia designs and manufactures guitar capos and wooden picks. Their capos come with interchangeable fretpads, and their picks are made from a crosshatching of microthin wood layers.

Soundtrack Your Brand on Affiliatron
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Soundtrack Your Brand

Soundtrack Your Brand is a music streaming service for businesses that allows businesses to license music and filter out explicit lyrics.

Learn and Master on Affiliatron
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Learn and Master

Learn and Master by Legacy Learning Systems offers educational courses for guitar, piano, drums, painting, dance, and photography.

ArkivMusic on Affiliatron
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ArkivMusic preserves, promotes, and distributes classic music recordings. They make these recordings easily accessible.

Singing Machine on Affiliatron
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Singing Machine

Singing Machine is a karaoke company that was the first company to sell home karaoke machines in the 1980s. They offer a wide range of products including karaoke machines and music.

Prime Loops on Affiliatron
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Prime Loops

Prime Loops sells music loops and samples that are royalty-free. They aim to provide quality over quantity and not host large quantities of low-quality samples.

EarMaster on Affiliatron
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EarMaster is a music software company founded by musicians. They sell ear training software and apps for musicians.

Loopmasters on Affiliatron
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Loopmasters originally launched in 2003 to produce sample libraries for producers and artists.