Affiliate Programs You Can Believe In

reputable affiliate programs shouldn't be hard to find

ArtistWorks on Affiliatron
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ArtistWorks provides online music lessons for over 40 different instruments. Subscribers will get access to hundreds of video lessons taught by master musicians.

eMedia Music on Affiliatron
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eMedia Music

eMedia Music provided lessons for voice, guitar, bass, piano, and violin, from beginners to intermediate.

EarMaster on Affiliatron
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EarMaster is a music software company founded by musicians. They sell ear training software and apps for musicians.

Rocket Piano on Affiliatron
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Rocket Piano

Rocket Piano offers piano playing lessons, from beginner to advanced. Signing up for their courses all gets you a lot of freebies.

JamPlay on Affiliatron
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JamPlay offers guitar and bass lessons through a subscription-based plan. They have thousands of lessons to choose from.