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The Best Gaming Affiliate Programs for Streamers and YouTubers

The Best Gaming Affiliate Programs for Streamers and YouTubers

Mason Lindblad

If you're a streamer or YouTube gamer, you're probably frustrated by the state of ads on those platforms. Why leave your paycheck amount to the whims of a platform that tries to demonetize your content? If you're facing these issues as a gaming content creator, you'll be happy to know that there are plenty of gaming-related affiliate programs out there!

An affiliate program is a passive way to make some extra income. Simply sign up with a seller of a product or service, share a special link to their product with your followers, then get paid everytime someone buys a product through your links. From gaming gear, to chairs, to games themselves, there are plenty of great affiliate programs for gamers.

Nerd or Die

Nerd or Die sells streaming overlays, alerts, and designs for all of the major streaming services. If you are a streamer yourself, you can make use of some of these items, but you probably have an audience of people looking to get into steaming themselves. Why not recommend them some template from Nerd or Die?! They offer a 10% commission on sales, but you can work your way up to 30%. You'll get advanced notice of upcoming products, so you can be ready to share the latest assets with your viewers.


Need a new gaming chair? Well, if you can convince 10 of your viewers to purchase a comfortable gaming chair from OPSEAT, they'll send you your own chair! If your audience is complaining about bad back support, send them over to these chairs. You'll get $15 per chair sale, which is a generous amount of money!

Green Man Gaming

Why try to sell your audience on expensive chairs or keyboards when you could instead sell them the very game that you're playing on your stream or in your video. Green Man Gaming is a seller of digital game keys, and often feature great sales on their games. They offer a 5% commission at first. While that is definitely a low amount, games are much easier to sell - they're cheap, and a good enough sale could even be a quick impulse buy for someone. While you'll only get a small amount of the sale, you can definitely get a lot of sales easily.

Apex Hosting

If your audience is in love with Minecraft, they may want to take their game to the next level. Apex Hosting offers Minecraft server hosting, including powerful processors and SSD storage drives. Minecraft servers are incredibly popular for players everywhere, and they have one of the best commission rates, at 15% per sale you refer.

ASTRO Gaming

ASTRO Gaming makes some of the best headsets and audio gear for gaming purposes. With a 5% commission, they offer a pretty solid rate when it comes to other gaming peripherals companies. Plus. every game needs a great headset! You shouldn't have any problem convincing your viewers to upgrade to something they'll be able to use for years.

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