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How to Make Money for Your Discord Server Using Affiliate Programs

How to Make Money for Your Discord Server Using Affiliate Programs

Mason Lindblad

Discord is a popular text and voice chat service for gamers, businesses, and other online communities. But unlike platforms like YouTube, or having your own website, there is no built-in way to make money through ads. This is the perfect place for affiliate programs. Becoming an affiliate for a company means that you promote their products or services to your audience, and if you refer someone who makes a purchase, you get a cut of the money. It's a great way to have some passive income for your server and capitalize on an engaged community.

Here are our tips for utilizing affiliate programs to make money for your Discord server.

Find Your Niche

While many Discord servers are for general community and chat, plenty have a niche. Whether that's anime, gaming, cryptocurrency, or other hobbies, most servers cater to a specific audience. This makes it easy to find affiliate programs that you know your audience will be interested in. If your server is about gaming and playing games, there are a lot of gaming-related affiliates out there.

Make it Natural

If you start pitching like a used car salesman in your Discord server, you're going to end up with an empty server. You'll be better off keeping it natural. To do this, don't just spam people with pointless posts telling them to buy something. Instead, you should keep your custom affiliate links handy to answer questions. If someone needs a new gaming mouse, send them your Razer affiliate link. If someone needs cloud storage, send them your Box affiliate link.

Inspire Loyalty

If keeping your links handy for when a question comes up is too slow or reactive for you, you can also leverage your server's loyalty. This really only works if your server members are particularly loyal to your community and its success. Everyone, there should know your name. You can share your affiliate links with your members and they can go to those shops first if they want to make a purchase. Don't count on this generosity without keeping in mind tip #1, though. Make sure the affiliate links are relevant to things your audience would actually want.

Use the Products Yourself

If you really want to convince your server members to make a purchase from you, don't just share links to things and expect people to buy them. Try some of these products for yourself, or sign up for affiliates through companies that you know and love. It makes a world of difference if you can show the quality and usefulness of a product yourself, especially if people respect you as the server owner.

Keep People up to Date

Discord allows for instantaneous communication via short messages. Unlike a blog or YouTube channel, which can take a lot of planning for each post, a Discord message can be written in an instant. A lot of affiliate programs give you updates about new and upcoming products. This means you can show your audience the latest offerings before anyone else does. It may also help build authority among your server members since they will see that you're in the know.